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We Create Radical Innovations

We are a creative, interdisciplinary team of experts located in Cologne, Germany. We manage a high-quality network of 100+ variously skilled senior experts with longtime cross-industry experience and young inspiring entrepreneurs, researchers, designers and developers.

Thought Leader

We are Thought Leader and pioneer with regards to Corporate Entrepreneurship. We developed "Excubation" - a proven way to innovate like a startup.

Innovation Partner

We are Innovation Partners helping corporates to radically innovate. We foster innovative capabilities, culture and mindset changes of our clients.

Startup Mentor

We are Startup Mentors and Entrepreneurs ourselves. We are well-positioned in the startup scene and provide scouting services for corporates.

How We Work

Four factors that make us different and our work successful:

Right Team

We build the best team. Because of our high-quality network of 100+ variously skilled experts, we'll always find the right people for your initiatives.

Right Approach

We combine experimentation with experience. Because we analyse worldwide innovation and entrepreneurship programs, we'll always have industry examples & best practices at hand.

Right Setup

We work separated but not isolated. Because we know the downsides and pitfalls of (external) isolated innovation programs, we'll always ensure the right level of integration.

Right Reward

We know what drives people to become risk-takers. Because we know how entrepreneurs think and motivate themselves, we'll always look for incentives that scale with the value they create.

Management Team

Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team. We have a deep understanding of corporate structures and a cross-industry network based on 10+ years of management, strategy and innovation consulting combined with practiced entrepreneurship by founding and mentoring several startups.

Tammo Ganders

Founder & Managing Partner at ZIBD; Experience: 10+ years management consultant with focus on innovation and entrepreneurship; Founder and Mentor of several startups

Tammo Ganders
Managing Partner & Founder

Markus Anding

Managing Partner at ZIBD; Experience: 10+ years management consultant with focus on (Digital) Business Transformation & Strategy; Founder and Mentor of several startups

Dr. Markus Anding
Managing Partner


Cooperating with Startplatz in Cologne and Düsseldorf, an incubator and ecosystem for startups, experts and investors

Startplatz Incubator
Co-operation Partner

Innovator, Researcher, Entrepreneur?
Join us!

We're always looking for smart, talented, driven, down-to-earth, fun-to-work-with people who want to make a positive and meaningful impact. Contact us!


corporate startups

A new approach to innovate like a startup

Based on lessons learned of +15 years cross-industry innovation and startup experience we developed a new model called “Excubation” to provide an advanced organisational corporate startup setup for game changing innovations.

Get inspired: Excubation


We Are Passionate Innovators

More than 10 years of global cross-industry research on innovation, over 100 customer projects completed and up to 20 startups founded and mentored - we promise deep knowledge, longtime experiences and lots of market examples when working with us.


You'll need a strategy for radical innovation

Radical, disruptive innovations differ significantly from incremental improvements applied to the core business, e.g. they might challenge the core or attack it. Therefore a solid innovation strategy must reflect these differences

  • Different talent/skills needed
  • Different incentives needed
  • Different processes needed
  • Different methods needed
  • Different org. setup needed
  • Different autonomy needed


As Peter Drucker said: Culture eats Strategy for Lunch

Radical, disruptive innovations need an innovation culture that is open to conflicts, embraces failure and fosters an entrepreneurial mindset. It has to enable employees not just to think but to act like an entrepreneur

  • Entreprenurial mindset
  • Entrepreneurial incentivation
  • Flat hierarchies - fast decisions
  • Fail fast & fail cheap
  • Longterm vision and values
  • Clear goals and priorities


You'll need an ambidextrous organization

Radical, disruptive innovations need to be separated from core business. Because core business focus lies on efficient and effective execution of the existing business model whereas radical innovations are challenging it

  • Separated but not isolated
  • Integrated, not internal or external
  • Enabled to act "like a startup"
  • Supported by core business resources
  • Own Management, own decisions
  • Excubation


Developing your corporate startup "like a startup"

Radical, disruptive innovations need startup tools to be competitive. Constantly iterating, developing, testing, prototyping, scaling - it is a question of speed if you are successful or not and if you can compete with startups

  • No stage-gate processes
  • Lean Startup & Design Thinking
  • Fail fast & fail cheap
  • Customer centricity
  • Customer integration
  • Iterative, flexible, agile

The ZIBD In Numbers

... more than...


...and always innovating.

Our Process

There is no single formular to radically innovate

Every corporate we are working with differs in terms of strategy, values, vision, flexibility, innovation cycles, need for change, etc. To reflect these differences we usually integrate a couple of steps


We combine corporate-internal research (what's already there, maturity level,...) with external best practices, market examples & our corporate entrepreneurship index


We start with a scoping workshop to clarify objectives, strategy and motivation behind and to structure a clear way forward. We draft a concept and derive requirements


We set up a great team of internals and externals, kick-off the project and guide them through our methodology. We iteratively improve, adjust, align when needed


No matter if a new product or a whole new organization to be build: it's a good idea to test it before it goes live. With excubate you'll be able to pilot whatever you build


Please contact us

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50670 Cologne, Germany